First, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Next, please remove sleeves from all cards you wish to sell. Sleeved cards and binders greatly increase the processing time. Securely pack your cards, facing in one direction, along with a note including your name and email address.*

Mail that package to the following address:
Attn: YBWB
1000 Stephanie Pl Unit 14 Henderson, NV 89014

*We strongly recommend that you purchase tracking and insurance for your package. Occasionally packages are lost or damaged in transit and we are not responsible for mistakes made by mail carriers.

Once we receive your cards, you’ll be notified that they were received. We will then grade and sort your collection and send you an offer. Most offers are sent out within 4-6 weeks; collections in excess of 5,000 cards may take longer. If you like that offer, great! If not, no problem – we’ll ship your cards back free of charge.

What are you currently purchasing?

All Magic Singles (English only).

Who covers shipping costs?

Shipping cards to ChannelFireball will be at the seller's expense. If you decline the offer, we will ship your products back to you free of charge.

What about international shipping?

Sellers are responsible for all shipping costs as well as any import duties or customs costs.

How do I receive my offer?

There are 3 payment options: Store Credit, Check, and Paypal.
Store Credit: You will get a 30% bonus added to your cash offer and your offer will be added to the account you provide.
Check: You will be mailed a check within the next 7 days.
PayPal: You will receive payment in 1-2 business days. Please note that PayPal automatically applies a fee.

Are Hotlist prices applied?

Cards prices are evaluated on the date of processing, not the date of submission. If you want to guarantee a currently listed price you must submit a buylist for those cards at Channelfireball.com/buylist.

How do you calculate the value?

Card priced are evaluated based on their sell value, regardless on if they appear on our buylist. Any cards below our bulk buy threshold of $0.10 are purchased at a rate of $1/1000 cards.

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