Modern Monday: As Foretold Control

It was only a matter of time, right? Every time a spell or effect lets you cast something for free, the first thing people want to do is cast Ancestral Visions with it! Or Living End, or Restore Balance. Something that costs 0 mana! Funny that we never see anyone trying to break Hypergenesis in Modern… just kidding.

As Foretold is the next in a long line of cards that let you cast spells for free once you meet a certain criteria, this time in the form of time counters. Of course, Ancestral Visions costing 0 means that you don’t actually need any time counters to cast it for free. Just play your As Foretold and draw 3 cards!

That’s exactly what Magic Online user habakiri (and a few others before them) tried to do. There have been quite a few U/W Control decks finding success in Modern on Magic Online. Could this be another?

As Foretold Control

Every time I read As Foretold, I wonder why it wasn’t legendary, even from a flavor perspective. I mean, how many prophecies can there be?! Either way, the card seems insane in Modern—you’re able to play a free counterspell or card draw spell on each of your turns while keeping your mana free to do other things, like keep another counterspell up, or activate your Celestial Colonnade, or play a planeswalker.

There are a couple cute cards in here, like the 1-of Crucible of Worlds, the 1-of Negate, the 1-of Blessed Alliance, etc. I’m always a little leery of cheap silver bullets like this when you don’t have a way to search them up. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t really affect anything. Let’s see if things will go as foretold.

All things considered, that went about as well I would have expected. 60% is about where I’d like my win percentage to land in Modern, and I have no idea how anyone can regularly 5-0 an event. I know it will definitely happen from time to time, but the variety of decks and strategies in Modern is so diverse!

While you might think that As Foretold is kind of a durdle-y win more card, getting it online put me ridiculously far ahead every time. Being able to play something like a Jace, Architect of Thought for free on your turn, while not only keeping 4 mana untapped, but also being able to play another free counterspell on the opponent’s turn, was hard to combat.

I’m not sure I like the 1 Meddling Mage or the 1 Vendilion Clique in the sideboard. I like being able to focus on the things that give you a hard time—another Detention Sphere or another counterspell like a Mana Leak could be a better option. Another way to deal with artifacts and enchantments, like a single Disenchant, could also be helpful.

Another version of the deck also had copies of Gideon of the Trials and Gideon Jura, which seem like nice additions to help accelerate your matches. It’s nice not having to rely on Colonnades or your single Elspeth to close out games, although to be fair, you definitely reach a point where you completely take over once the game gets going. I think you should just focus on making sure you hit that point.

I feel like I only lost to silly things, like Eldrazi Tron being able to Ghost Quarter me out of the game and Storm being Storm. To be fair, I likely could have boarded differently, but hitting a Detention Sphere a little sooner would have helped. Either way, the deck felt awesome, and if you’re looking for a new control option in Modern, I strongly recommend it!

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