Philip Yam vs. Cassius Weathersby

Game One: Both players started with a mulligan to six and Phil was the first with action. He played a turn two Lotus Cobra which surprisingly lived through the turn, despite his opponent having two untapped Mountains in play. A turn three Knight of the Reliquary from Yam was killed by a Staggershock from Weathersby. His loss was not missed however as an Elspeth, Knight-Errant and Soldier took it's place. Staggershock rebound killed off the Cobra and a Hell's Thunder + Lightning Bolt took out Elspeth.

Phil dropped a Hierarch and bashed for two with the token, waiting for sufficient mana to begin beating with Celestial Colonnade. An Earthquake for 4 took Phil to 16 and Weathersby to 10. Another Knight of the Reliquary hit play, but the Knight was still only a 2/2 creature. Goblin Guide and Hell's Thunder (Unearthed) came back to take Phil to 10 life after revealing Rhox War Monk. A Kargan Dragonlord hit play for Cassisus and he immediately leveled it to 4.

Phil starting filling his graveyard via Knight activations, but things were getting increasingly tense as the Dragonlord threatened him. After some tanking, Yam activated Celestial Colonnade and swung with Rhox War Monk and his man land. The Dragonlord blocked the War Monk and Knight was used to fetch out Sejiri Steppe to save the Monk, while getting him to 13 life and sending Cassius to 6. This also left Yam with zero blockers remaining, banking on his opponent not drawing an out.

Weathersby untapped and cast Forked Bolt to take Yam to 11 life. Dragonlord pumped up to ultimate and swung with Goblin Guide and Cassius used his last mana to pump for exactly lethal.

Game 2: Phil came out of the gates early with a turn one Birds of Paradise followed by Noble Hierarch on turn two. Both met early ends to a pair of Burst Lightning before having the chance to do anything, however his Red opponent missed his 2nd land drop which meant there was no pressure yet. Why the one-lander keep? Because on turn three he drew a 2nd land and immediately slammed two Goblin Guide on the table, taking Phil to 15. A pair of Goblin Guide and a fistful of burn against Mythic can be quite deadly.

A Dauntless Escort tried to stave off the pair of Goblins, but was quickly burned away and Yam tumbled to 11 and no creatures on board. A Lotus Cobra tried to stem the tide of damage, but a Hell's Thunder came out instead. When Cassius attacked with the team, Yam Pathed the Hell's Thunder and traded the Cobra off with a Guide. Phil quickly untapped and played Knight of the Reliquary and complimentary Birds of Paradise.

Once again Hell's Thunder (2nd one) and Goblin Guide came in for beats, upon revealing a Rhox War Monk on the top of his deck, Phil blocked both. A Forked Bolt finished off the Knight and sent Yam to 8. Rhox War Monk hit play and Yam went into the tank before passing the turn. Hell's Thunder unearthed and took Yam down to 4 life, which shot back up to 7 when War Monk hit back. Weathersby was far ahead, but only had a few resources remaining to finish Yam off before War Monk got him out of danger range. Yet another Knight hit the table and made Weatherby's victory even more unlikely.

Lightning Bolt took care of the Knight, but the only other follow-up with a Kiln Fiend with only a single card remaining. Yam's next attack made the score 10 to 14 and a Linvala, Keeper of Silence provided another blocker. Cassius was not to be underestimated though and a Act of Treason on Linvala along with a Forked Bolt both pumping Kiln Fiend won him the game despite the hard work of the Monk.

Cassius Weathersby wins 2-0!