Top 8

Magic TV – Top 8 Spirits

Mashi sits down with special guests Josh Utter-Leyton and #GPSLC Top 8 finisher Nathan Holiday to rank the best spirits in Magic history!

Magic TV

Mashi, Wrapter, and Tom Martell sit down to discuss Standard at the Invitational, #GPSLC, FETCHLANDS!, and the Top 8 2-Color Land Cycles.

Magic TV – Top 8 Seven-Drops

Everyone knows the more a creature costs, the better it is! Paul and Mashi sit down with LSV to rank the greatest 7-drops in Magic history.

Magic TV – Top 8 Sleepers

Mashi Scanlan and Luis Scott-Vargas sit down to rank 8 of the most underrated breakout cards in Magic’s history!

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