Gruul Umori Deck Guide

5-0 against Jeskai Lukka, 11-1 record leading to the top 8 in the Redbull Untapped Tournament. Looks like we’ve got a new deck to watch out for.

Jund Sacrifice Deck Guide

Normally, we wouldn’t suggest sacrificing food for Magic, but in this case, you really should. Check out this Deck Guide by Reid Duke.

Deep Dive – Temur Reclamation

Here is another Deep Dive into the world of Standard. Temur Rec is and continues to be a top tier deck, despite not having a companion. Check out what tips and tricks LSV provided in this week’s Deep Dive.

Best of One

With the upcoming Arena Open Tournament being Best of One on day 1, Huey Jensen provides what decks he thinks will play best in this event.

Monday Meta with Mashi and Martin – Episode 1

Mashi and Martin break down the results of last week’s MagicFest online and discuss this week’s ChannelFireball Standard Power rankings, the best decks in the current Standard Metagame, the newest good (and bad) tech and the deck(s) to play this weekend!

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