Atarka Red: Reloaded

Looking for a list for the first week of Standard? Atarka master Brian DeMars has you covered with a blisteringly fast red deck!

Atarka Red Deck Guide

EFro gives you the keys to unlock the power of fire with this week’s primer on the deck that won GP Kobe!

Atarka Red Primer

With anti-aggro sideboard cards on the decline, now might be the best time to play red. Josh McClain has a full primer!

Mono-Red Deck Guide

PV reached Top 8 of PTBFZ with the most explosive deck in Standard—and he’s ready to help you master playing and sideboarding with Mono-Red!

How I Prepared for #PTBFZ

Neal Oliver made some mistakes and learned some important lessons in his PT testing—he shares the story of his preparation in Milwaukee.

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