MagicTV – M21 Hit or Myth

Mashi and LSV get together for a nostalgic Hit or Myth with the return of Baneslayer Angel in M21, the first ever card featured on Hit or Myth almost 11 years ago! Let’s see how it’s stood the test of time, along with the rest of its peers in this edition of Hit or Myth!

The Guide to Arena Cube

Cube has made its way to Arena and LSV has been spending all (well most) of his time playing over the past few days. Check out his guide on how to be a better cube drafter.

UW Yorion Deck Guide

The recent bans have opened up Standard a little, and it’s brewing season again. Check out this deck brew by LSV for a UW Yorion deck.

Deep Dive – Temur Reclamation

Here is another Deep Dive into the world of Standard. Temur Rec is and continues to be a top tier deck, despite not having a companion. Check out what tips and tricks LSV provided in this week’s Deep Dive.

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