Deck Tech

Esper Vehicles

I designed this deck to beat Marvel, but couldn’t bring myself to play it in Montreal. I wish I had.

Temur M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S

Are we on the brink of a one-deck metagame? Brian DeMars brings you his latest version of his pick for the best deck in Standard.

Sultai Marvel

Looking to dodge the hate and still play the best deck in the format? Reid has you covered with his resilient B/U/G build of Marvel.

Updated R/G Gods

Crush your opponent with Rhonas and Hazoret—Zvi Mowshowitz brings you an update to his R/G Gods deck and a sideboard guide!

Temur Aetherworks

With Cat gone, Aetherworks Marvel is the most powerful strategy. Silvestri unearths a seldom used card draw spell to up the consistency.

Modern Paradox Engine Combo

This complicated Modern combo deck is tough to comprehend, but once you do, it’ll reward you with tons of a mana and a crazy win condition.

Mardu Planeswalkers

The new Liliana opens up a lot of room for powerful midrange builds, and master deck builder Zvi Mowshowitz starts with Mardu.

Red Drake

Harness the power of Drake Haven and Enigma Drake in this explosive spell-heavy blue-red brew for the new Standard format!

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