Deck Tech

G/B Constrictor Deck Guide

Looking for a deck that can take down red? Try the deck that carried Sam Pardee to a 2nd place finish at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation!

Building Modern Abzan

With Lingering Souls’ stock at an all-time high, G/B master Reid Duke brings you his ideal list of Abzan.

Moon Stompy

If you’re new to Legacy, this mono-red prison deck is the perfect choice for Grand Prix Vegas.

Racing to Victory

Vehicles is on the rise as players adapt to Marvel, and both Jeskai and Esper are among the strongest choices for your next event.

Temur Marvel Deck Guide

Marvel may not be unbeatable, but it’s still a tier 1 deck. Andrea brings you his mirror-ready build and sideboard guide.

Red-Green 35 Lands

Jarvis Yu is testing Legacy Lands once again, and he has a full primer on his ideal build, sideboard guide, and tips to play the deck.

Wheel of Time in Modern

Marcus Ewaldh took a crazy and innovative new deck to Grand Prix Copenhagen packing As Foretold, time walks, and even Wheel of Fate.

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