Deck Guide


See the deck that Allen Wu took to a near 2000 rating on MTGO!

Going Deeper Into the Storm

Brian DeMars does a deep dive on one of Modern’s most intricate and challenging archetypes, with a full teardown of the Storm sideboard!

Sultai Skies

Make a huge Cub or Hydra and send them to the air with Cartouche of Knowledge!

Finding Azcanta

Worlds was Search for Azcanta’s coming out party, and Wrapter snagged a Top 4 with its help. He breaks down his U/B build and matchups!

Mardu Control in Standard

Nico set out to find a control deck that beat Red. What he ended up with wasn’t great at that… but it’s solid against everything else!

G/B Constrictor Deck Guide

Looking for a deck that can take down red? Try the deck that carried Sam Pardee to a 2nd place finish at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation!

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