Deck Guide

Esper Midrange Deck Guide

A new Standard deck made an appearance in the PT this weekend. Check out this deck guide on Esper Midrange on the deck Ken Yukihiro brought to the top in Standard.

Modern RG Ponza Deck Guide

Reid is a simple man, he just wants to play some modern, and make sure you don’t play anything at all with Ponza!

Pauper Goblins Deck Guide

Alex is back with the latest Goblins tech, can they compete now the B&R update has taken away some of the biggest threats in Pauper?

Mono-White Aggro Deck Guide

Martin Juza highlights Mono-White Aggro, a deck that won SGC’s Season 1 Championship and performed well at Redbull Untapped and the CFB Pro Showdown

Simic Flash Deck Guide

Andrea has been jamming Simic Flash, trying to take on the best decks in Standard, and has landed on something a little different to traditional Simic Flash lists.

Modern Esper Mentor Deck Guide

Esper Mentor is hopefully (fingers cross) not affected by the upcoming bans. Andrea Mengucci wrote a deck guide to help you feel good about playing Modern despite any upcoming changes in the format.

Mono-Black Aggro Deck Guide

Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza on the Mono-Black deck that brough Teruya Kakumae to #1 in Mythic before everyone else this month.

Paw Blade Deck Guide

Leave it up to Huey to rule the Standard world with a Dog based deck. Check out this Deck Guide on the cutest little deck you ever did see.

UW Blink with Core Set 2021

Barrin, Tolarian Archmange just made UW Blink that much better, especially with Thassa and Yorion. Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza to see how he utilized them.

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