Wheel of Time in Modern

Marcus Ewaldh took a crazy and innovative new deck to Grand Prix Copenhagen packing As Foretold, time walks, and even Wheel of Fate.

Updated R/G Gods

Crush your opponent with Rhonas and Hazoret—Zvi Mowshowitz brings you an update to his R/G Gods deck and a sideboard guide!

U/W Drake Haven

Drake Haven is one of the most exciting new engines from Amonkhet, and Neal sets to work brewing up a controlling blue-white home for it.

R/G Monsters with Amonkhet

Andrea Mengucci’s cooking up his own brews for Amonkhet Standard, starting with his favorite God from the set, Rhonas the Indomitable.

Mardu Planeswalkers

The new Liliana opens up a lot of room for powerful midrange builds, and master deck builder Zvi Mowshowitz starts with Mardu.

3 Combo Brews with Amonkhet

Frank’s got a bevy of crazy brews for the new format from cycling combo to a Ravenous Intruder/Fling kill, and even Bounty of the Luxa!

Red Drake

Harness the power of Drake Haven and Enigma Drake in this explosive spell-heavy blue-red brew for the new Standard format!

The Four Horsemen of Frontier

Joel headed out to a local Frontier event, armed with a midrange list of his own design that could be one of the best decks in the format.

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