Hi Everyone,

If you visit ChannelFireball.com regularly, you already hear plenty from me (and in the case of my draft videos, I mean that literally), so I’ll skip the intro. Today, I want to tell you about some of the upcoming content here on ChannelFireball.com and announce some exciting new additions to Team Fireball.

RuelFirst, if you aren’t already a subscriber to our weekly newsletter, click HERE to sign up. Our newsletter contains money-saving coupons and specials, as well as exclusive decklists, articles, and videos from Team Fireball!

That being said, I’m glad to announce that the Ruel Brothers, Olivier and Antoine, are joining Team Fireball as weekly columnists! The addition of this pair of Hall of Famers further expands our roster, and you can expect “Drafting with Olivier” to make the jump to video. If you enjoyed reading Olivier’s draft walkthroughs, imagine how much better watching the entire draft from start to finish will be! For the first time ever you can enjoy new, free, weekly articles and videos from these Hall of Fame brothers!!!

Please join me in welcoming Oliver and Antoine to Team Fireball!!!

Secondly, I’d like to announce our new weekly content schedule:

Initial Technology – LSV
Feature Author
Channel FFfreak (Draft Video – Brad Nelson)

According to Webster – David Ochoa
Here I Ruel – Olivier Ruel
Silvestri Says – Josh Silvestri
Channel LSV (Draft Video – Luis Scott-Vargas)

Getting Nassty – Matt Nass
In Development – Alexander Shearer
Feature Author
Channel PV (Draft Video – Paulo Vitor damo da Rosa)

PV’s Playhouse – Paulo Vitor damo da Rosa
Ruel Ultimatum – Antoine Ruel
Magic TV – LSV, TSG and Humphrey
Channel Conley (Draft Video – Conley Woods)

FFfreaky Friday – Brad Nelson
Breaking Through – Conley Woods
Magic TV Extra – Humphrey
Channel TSG (Draft Video – Tristan Shaun Gregson)

Our cast of talented feature authors includes Hall of Famer Tomoharu Saito, US National Champion Josh “Wrapter” Utter-Leyton, Ben Stark, Tom Martell, Travis Woo, Owen Turtenwald, and Brian Grewe, with others to be announced!

Ranger ChannelFireballFor those of you paying close attention, there is a NEW DRAFT VIDEO scheduled EVERYDAY. We will be posting daily drafts from not only myself, but PV, Olivier, Brad, Conley, and Josh Utter-Leyton! I know we’re all looking forward to the online release of Scars of Mirrodin, but until then we’ll have plenty of M11 videos to tide you over. With Scars also comes the return of our constructed video match-up series with a whole new Standard gauntlet! Tune in to watch Brad, Conley, and I battle each other with every viable deck while hearing our thoughts and witnessing the results.

Additionally, I’ll be writing an article every day this week, reviewing every card in Scars of Mirrodin, starting with white on Monday!

Expanding our video content is one of the changes I am most excited about, so look for all sorts of videos in the near future, up to and including Constructed 8-Mans, Legacy events, and Extended – let us know what else you guys want to see. As always, all of our content is 100% free, though you will notice an increased advertising presence on the site. Advertising is necessary in order to continue providing you with the top strategy content on the web and expanding our roster of awesome writers. Of course, you can always support us by buying cards! We have the best prices for singles online including Scars of Mirrodin pre-orders, so feel free to take a look. [End Sales Pitch!]

I, along with everyone else here at ChannelFireball, am committed to providing you with the best content and the best prices on the web; if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, reply in the comments section of this post or email me personally at LSV@channelfireball.com!

Thanks again for tuning in!