World Championship Special


Starting on Wednesday, the 20th Magic: The Gathering World
Championship will be held in Amsterdam.

As in other sports, watching the coverage is more interesting when you know the competitors and
have favorites to root for. Befitting of a World Championship, most
players that will be in Amsterdam are indeed Magic celebrities
already. However, some might be not as well known yet, or you might
just want to know more about a few of them.

When I started this booklet, the idea was to create something similar
to the special issues sports magazines publish when a new football
or baseball season starts. I can compete neither in
professionalism nor in man hours with something like Sports
, of course. Nevertheless I think this booklet is a good
first step to bring an analog to those magazine’s to

In the course of this booklet, the tournament, its history, and all the
players are introduced. For each competitor there are
stats, a brief description of the player, a picture, and an interview
with the player. Without a doubt the interviews are the heart of this
text. I am very grateful that all 16 players took the time to
answer the questions I sent them. This is where this document comes
alive instead of being just a collection of stats.

Unlike a normal article on this website, you will have to download
this as a PDF. At a length of about fifty pages, you may want to print
this out, and read a part of it, or all of it, in multiple sittings. This is of
course much more convenient in the given format.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it,


World Championship Special Issue
Download in A4 Format


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