Pack #1

My Pick

 Chamber Sentry

I love this card. It’s a good 2-drop in any deck, and if you’re splashing something it can also be a very good 3-drop. If you have the means to produce all 5 colors, then it wins the game by itself. This is a very good first pick.

Second Pick: Nightveil Sprite

Starfish was already a great card in its formats, and Nightveil Sprite is better, since there are a bunch of cards that trigger on surveil and this just lets you trigger them over and over. On top of that, it also deals 1 damage. Yeah, it can be blocked, but there isn’t a lot that actually blocks it in the format. I’d pick it over any common.


Pack #2

My Pick

 Roc Charger

Roc Charger isn’t at its best in Selesnya, but it’s really, really good in Boros, where it synergizes double with mentor. It both lets your mentor creature attack when it otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and it is very easy to pump, as it has only 1 power. This card used to be a common and there’s a reason it got moved to uncommon in this set.

Second Pick: Watcher in the Mist

This format has a lot of 5-drops, which makes all 5-drops worse, so I don’t love Watcher in the Mist as much as I thought I would. That said, I think the next best card, Capture Sphere, suffers a lot from not being an instant or a sorcery. If it was just an instant with the same effect, then it’d be really good in Izzet, but it’s a huge cost to play a noncreature that doesn’t even trigger your synergies, so I think Watcher is better.


Pack #3

My Pick

Skyknight Legionnaire

I’m not normally a fan of first picking gold cards, but Skyknight Legionnaire is an excellent card and Boros is the best deck, so in this case I don’t mind. It’s a very aggressive creature that pairs really well with any 3-power mentor creature you manage to get (and especially well with Wojek Bodyguard).

Second Pick: Darkblade Agent

Another gold card I don’t mind having multiple copies of in my decks. I think it’s a little bit weaker than Legionnaire, and Dimir is a little worse than Boros, but it’s still better than anything else here.


Pack #4

My Pick

 Wojek Bodyguard

I thought long and hard about this pick, and it’s really close, but if I were playing the PT right now and I opened this booster, I’d take Wojek Bodyguard. Red is the best color to first pick (since Boros is the best archetype and Izzet is pretty good too), and I’ve been more and more impressed by Wojek Bodyguard the more I play with it. I think it’s the best red common by a significant margin and one of the best commons overall, and the fact that it doesn’t lock you up in an archetype but leaves two good archetypes open is very valuable.

Second Pick: Pelt Collector

It’s close between Pelt Collector and House Guildmage. I think House Guildmage is a good card (and the best Guildmage), but it’s strictly Dimir. Pelt Collector isn’t splashable, but it’s good in both Selesnya and Golgari. So do you want a card that’s good in one good archetype, or one that’s good in two bad archetypes? If the archetypes were of similar power levels, then this wouldn’t be close (and Pelt Collector would be a better pick than Wojek Bodyguard), but the reality is that they’re not.

Ultimately, I think the added flexibility (plus the fact that it’s a bit more powerful) makes Pelt Collector a better pick.


Pack #5

My Pick

 Price of Fame

Price of Fame is a fantastic card. It goes well in any black deck, and you can sometimes splash for it in Selesnya as well.

Second Pick: Runaway Steam-Kin

This is a card that is better in Constructed than it is in Draft. It’s still a fine card, but it’s not going to be great in every red deck (it’s better in Izzet than in Boros), and it’s not great at all stages of the game. Still, it’s a very powerful turn-2 play, and I wouldn’t be unhappy to first pick it.