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Dominaria Flavor Gems

Jay Annelli at Gathering Magic takes a moment toto celebra the flavor of Dominaria.

How ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Thought Beyond Nostalgia and Brought Me Back to the Game

Miriam Kramer at Mashable talks about the experience of returning to Magic after 15 years.

Why Heart of Kiran is Taking Over Standard

Heart of Kiran dropped off the radar only to come soaring back. Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer shows you why.

The Top 5 Decks of Current Standard

Looking for an entry point into Standard?Takahashi at MTGMintCard breaks down the top Standard decks.

Top 5 Planeswalkers Printed in the Last 2 Years That Have Made it to Modern

It’s tough for planeswalkers to break into Modern, but the ones that do have a major impact. Kerry Meyerhoff at ManaLeak looks at the planeswalkers that have made the cut.

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My Recommendation for Every Format in Team Trios at Every Skill Level: Legacy

At a loss for what to play in Team Trios? Reid’s got recommendations for expert, proficient, and beginner players in every format!

Standard Just Might Have a Best Deck

Is there a best deck in Standard? The first Standard Grand Prix suggests that the answer might be yes.

The 10 Most Weirdly Sized Creatures in Magic History

We’ve seen more 2/2s and 5/5s than we can count, but every once and awhile R&D throws a real curveball.

Dominaria Draft | Channel BenS

Draft Dominaria alongside one of the best Limited players in the game, Hall-of-Famer Ben Stark!

Esper Control – Standard | Channel Nassif

Try out the new Standard format with one of the game’s control masters piloting Esper!

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