Talking the Planes – Chris Pikula

Hi, I’m Nathan Holt, better known as that Wizard guy on Walking the Planes. About a month ago, I recorded a special podcast with three-time Pro Tour Top 8er Chris Pikula. He is considered by many to be “The Original Pro’s Pro” and in this interview he talks about the emotional rollercoaster of winning the Invitational, his heartbreak over a single misplay that he believes cost him induction into the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, and what he did to help clean up the Pro Tour from its scourge of cheaters.

This year may be his last on the Hall of Fame ballot for some time, as next year the threshold for career pro points needed for eligibility will be raised above his career total.

Time Stamps:

0:00-2:16 Intro and chit-chat.
2:16-4:20 The first Pro Tour.
4:20-14:00 The single misplay that kept Chris out of the Hall of Fame.
14:00-19:02 Winning the Invitational and the price Chris had to pay to do it.
19:02-23:41 On cheaters.
23:41-30:03 How Chris helped clean up the Pro Tour from its scourge of cheaters.
30:03-33:25 Chris admits to two games he believes he stepped over the line with unethical play.
33:25-34:17 If you know about people stealing cards, SAY SOMETHING.


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