Major Changes to Premier-Level Play

As per Wizards’ announcement, “Outlining the 2013-14 Premier Play Season,” there are some major changes to Pro Players Club benefits, the way Pro Points are awarded, the nature of Grand Prix byes, and an increase in total PTQs (in line with the addition of an extra Pro Tour).

Here are the notable points from the announcement:

Changes to the Pro Players Club Benefits Structure

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Top 5 Grand Prix Finishes Only

“1. Starting with Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze, each Pro Tour winner will automatically earn Platinum status for the rest of the current season and all of the following season. Winning the Pro Tour really matters.

2. A player’s top five Grand Prix finishes will count toward his or her annual Pro Points total. Pro Points earned at other Grand Prix finishes will not be counted in that total. (Emphasis added)

Store-Run GPTs Now Award 2 Byes instead of 3

“To preserve the intrinsic significance of byes, and after carefully evaluating our options, we have decided that Grand Prix Trials that feed individual Grand Prix will only award a two-round bye to the winner. This will go into effect for Grand Prix Trials feeding Grand Prix scheduled in Season 3 of 2013, kicking off August 17.”

Additionally, GPs of 1,200+ players will be capped at 15 rounds.

Increase in PTQs

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

“Remember that 2014 has four PTQ rounds and each round is shorter than previous years, so adding PTQs overall to the year doesn’t mean each round will have more PTQs.”


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