How Can We Improve Your Grand Prix Experience?

On March 9, 2017, Wizards of the Coast’s Director of Global Organized Play, Helene Bergeot, announced that CFB Events Inc. will be the exclusive global partner bringing you Magic Grand Prix starting in 2018.  

We are extremely excited for the opportunity to produce quality events for the Magic Community Worldwide.  We understand that this is a big change for Magic organized play and everyone has lots of questions.  What we’d like to do today is answer a few of the questions that we have received since the announcement and then ask you for some feedback on how we can make the Grand Prix program even better.

How is CFB Events going to run quality events outside of North America?

ChannelFireball has run five Grand Prix in Europe over the past two years and has four more Grand Prix scheduled in Europe in 2017.  Sitelines (our partner in CFB Events) has run events and has partners worldwide.  In addition to our event management experience, we are discussing collaborations with some of the existing organizers throughout the world.

Now that CFB Events run all of the Grand Prix, why would they continue to innovate and improve these events?

While we appreciate the opportunity to run all of the Grand Prix in 2018 and beyond, we understand that if we do not constantly improve the experience we are offering, “beyond” may be much shorter than we would like it to be.  We are a long-term minded company and we’re not looking to cut corners.  Our primary directive from Wizards of the Coast is to offer a consistently excellent experience at Grand Prix globally, and that means making substantial upfront investments in order to raise the bar for what a Grand Prix is worldwide.

Will CFB Events drastically increase the entry fee to the main event of all Grand Prix now that there is no competition?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Will some prices go up?  Yes.  Will some prices go down? Yes.  Will ALL prices go up dramatically? No.  Will CFB Events always deliver good value at each of our events no matter what the main event costs?  Yes.  

Each region, city and venue has drastically varied expenses, and because of this, we can’t guarantee what entry fees for specific events will be next year.  We have heard and understand your concerns.  We take your feedback seriously, and are taking action by revisiting our pricing models for our upcoming 2017 Grand Prix.

GP Copenhagen – Modern (Main Event Registration Only)

Was – 75 / 550KR

Now – 67 / 500KR

GP Las Vegas – Legacy (Includes Play Mat)

Was – $100

Now – $90

GP Las Vegas – Sealed Deck (Includes Play Mat)

Was – $100

Now – $90

GP Las Vegas – Modern (Includes Play Mat)

Was – $100

Now – $90

Now is your chance to let us know how you would like to change the Grand Prix!

At ChannelFireball, we believe that the only way we can continually improve is by trying new things, learning from our mistakes and valuing feedback.  In order for us to create your ideal Grand Prix experience, we need to hear what you’d like.  We have created a five-question survey below.  Please take a couple minutes to let us know what you would like and we will incorporate it into our plans!

Magic Grand Prix Survey


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