Exclusive Born of the Gods Preview – Reap What Is Sown

As the saying goes, you reap what you sow, and according to my preview card, you’ve been sowing some +1/+1 counters. After all, nothing prepares your creatures for travel into the red zone more than +1/+1 counters, and there will be no lack of those over the next few months:

17Jan-Reap What Is Sown-ChannelFireball_EN

The most basic use for this card is as an instant-speed [ccProd]Glorious Anthem[/ccProd] (for your three most deserving creatures), and it’s going to end many a Limited game without doing anything fancy. Any time your opponent attacks with multiple creatures into your superior forces, keep this in mind or they will be the one reaping the rewards.

Of course, this card has a bit more going on with it, thanks to the heroes of Theros. Because it can target multiple creatures, you can get some nice heroic triggers out of the deal, and any combat where you are targeting multiple heroes cannot possibly end well for whomever you are fighting. I especially like that this gives you permanent value, which will often make it worth casting even if not all your heroes are in the middle of combat. Targeting two heroic creatures and one normal creature at the end of the opponent’s turn can lead to a big swing, and lets you use your mana efficiently. After all, the normal play pattern against heroic is to avoid blocking whenever possible, so having a good option when your creatures aren’t getting blocked is important.

Magic - Born of the Gods - symbol

With some inspiring cards in Born of the Gods (as in cards with the keyword inspired, which pay you off whenever they untap), Reap What Is Sown gets you some additional value. Not only does it punish your opponent for blocking your inspired creatures, it might even scare opponents out of blocking, rewarding you on both ends.

Heroic has made a few inroads into Constructed, though the enablers tend to top out at two mana, with most costing one (and drawing a card to boot). As such, I’d be surprised if I ended up sowing and/or reaping all that often in Standard. Still, if there are enough awesome green and white heroic incentives in Born of the Gods, who knows what we will be harvesting?



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