A Special 2014 Grand Prix Schedule Announcement

I’m proud to announce a collaboration between ChannelFireball and Cascade Games for the upcoming 2014 Grand Prix season.

ChannelFireball will be working with Cascade Games to bring you GP Sacramento (Jan. 17-18), GP Phoenix (April 4-6), GP Portland (Aug. 8-10), GP Salt Lake City (Sept. 5-7), and GP Los Angeles (Oct. 17-19). By pooling our resources with Cascade Games and each of us focusing on what we do best, we aim to improve the player experience and raise the excitement level for Magic Grand Prix for years to come!

Cascade Games is one of the premier tournament organization companies for collectible card games, responsible for the largest Magic: The Gathering tournament in history at Grand Prix Las Vegas 2013. Tim Shields and his team have been running and innovating Magic tournaments for over 15 years.

Since launching ChannelFireball.com in 2009, we’ve grown to become an industry-leading online retailer with original strategy videos and articles from the top Magic: The Gathering professionals today. From developing one of the most successful teams in Magic history to running one of the largest Magic tournament centers in the world, we’ve established ourselves as a major player in the Magic community.

All of us at ChannelFireball, Team ChannelFireball, and the ChannelFireball Game Center are excited to work with Cascade Games to bring you the biggest and best Grand Prix in the world. Hope to see you there.


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