I regret to announce that Tristan Shaun Gregson is no longer in any way affiliated with ChannelFireball.com.

Two weeks ago, it came to light that approximately 50 copies of 4 of the top selling Avacyn Restored cards were missing from the ChannelFireball inventory. Upon investigation, an eBay seller by the name of “eldraziseller” was selling these exact cards in the approximate quantity missing from the Channelfireball inventory. In early 2010, “eldraziseller” had changed his eBay name from “gregsonsw.” When ChannelFireball management contacted eBay, eBay confirmed that the account was owned by a Shaun Gregson.

ChannelFireball arranged for cards to be purchased from “eldraziseller,” and the PayPal account to which payment was made was registered to “Tristan Gregson Gregson.”

The police confronted Tristan Shaun Gregson, and he admitted to owning the “eldraziseller” account. Since the police’s questioning, Tristan Shaun Gregson has ignored ChannelFireball management’s multiple attempts to contact him. In light of the above, ChannelFireball has chosen to sever all ties with Tristan.

This is an unfortunate end to what was previously a great relationship, and it saddens me both as an individual and as part of the business. We are currently taking steps to ensure that many of the projects Tristan was involved with continue. Tom Martell and Matt Sperling will be producing new episodes of Magic TV in California, and once we work out the logistics, Conley Woods and I will film episodes from Denver.

Thanks for your understanding,