An Open Letter to the Magic Community

There has recently been a lot of discussion about inclusion in the Magic community. Christine Sprankle, a prominent cosplayer whose creations have added to Magic events around the world, announced that due to persistent harassment, she is no longer going to participate in the Magic community or at its events. The online harassment she has been receiving is demeaning to her as a cosplayer, content producer, and member of the Magic community. Unfortunately, Christine is one of many people whose enthusiasm for Magic has been negatively impacted by pervasive cynicism and bullying.

Magic events, from FNM all the way to the Pro Tour, are about much more than the competitive card game. The creativity and intelligence in the Magic community is not expressed only through high win-rate Standard decks and tight play. Fans of Magic can also appreciate the skill and hard work that go into making a cosplayer’s vision of a character come to life, the detail in a great Legacy alter, or the dedication in finishing up that foil Commander deck.

There’s a saying that goes “it’s not about the Magic, it’s about the Gathering.” One of the great things about Magic is its appeal and inclusivity. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, race or orientation can play and love Magic. Everyone should be able to engage with the game however they see fit—whether that’s playing casually with friends at home, competitively at Grand Prix and Pro Tours, judging tournaments, cosplaying as their favorite characters, streaming on Twitch, or any of the million other ways people enjoy this great game. These are all equally valid.

It is unacceptable to treat any of these interests as below yours. Discrimination and harassment of anyone in the Magic: The Gathering community, from the kitchen table to the Hall of Fame, shows the world the worst that Magic has to offer.

We’re committed to creating a great environment for anyone who wants to play.

As a group of professional players, we support cosplayers and all other Magic enthusiasts. We promise you that if you are the victim of harassment at a Magic event, you can find any one of us and we will do our part to work with event organizers and put an end to it.

We see ourselves as all being a part of a single, welcoming community—a community where everyone can just gather and enjoy Magic.

Corey Baumeister
Sam Black
Brian Braun-Duin
Corey Burkhart
Christian Calcano
Pedro Carvalho
Josh Cho
Pierre Dagen
Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
Martin Dang
Paul Dean
Javier Dominguez
Reid Duke
Willy Edel
Ivan Floch
Ben Friedman
Eric Froehlich
Immanuel Gerschenson
Alexander Hayne
Pete Ingram
Mark Jacobson
William Jensen
Martin Juza
Frank Karsten
Grzegorz Kowalski
Magnus Lantto
Joel Larsson
Ari Lax
Anthony Lee
Scott Lipp
Tom Martell
Makis Matsoukas
Pascal Maynard
Josh McClain
Shaun McLaren
Brad Nelson
Simon Nielsen
David Ochoa
Panos Papadopoulos
Sam Pardee
Brock Parker
Cedric Phillips
Michael Pilgaard
Rob Pisano
Paul Rietzl
Steve Rubin
Eduardo Sajgalik
Luis Scott-Vargas
Matt Severa
Eric Severson
Shahar Shenhar
Mike Sigrist
Nathan Smith
Petr Sochůrek
Ben Stark
Ondřej Stráský
Zen Takahashi
Samuel Tharmaratnam
Lee Shi Tian
Owen Turtenwald
Josh Utter-Leyton
Benjamin Weitz
Timothy Wu
Wing Chun Yam
Jarvis Yu
Matej Zatlkaj


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