Grand Prix Seattle Top 8 Player Profiles

Max Mick








Twitter: @doctormongo

Age: 17

Hometown: San Diego, California

Occupation: College student

Previous Magic accomplishments: 3 Grand Prix Top 8 finishes

Sealed deck: Red-White Slivers – 9-0

Draft one: Five-Color Snow

Draft two: Blue-Green Snow splashing Winds of Abandon

Favorite Modern Horizons draft strategy: “Five-Color Snow if I had to pick.”

Favorite memory from the weekend: “Turn four Abominable Treefolk, turn five Treefolk. My opponent concedes.”

Marcus Luong







Twitter: @aceanddeuceMTG

Age: 22

Hometown: San Francisco

Occupation: Student

Previous Magic accomplishments: Top 4 Grand Prix Sacramento 2018

Sealed deck: Five-Color Pile, 8-0-1

Draft one: Blue-Black Ninjas, 2-1

Draft two: Green-Black, 3-0

Favorite Modern Horizons draft strategy: “Any non-white black deck, black has the best commons by far. Thank you to Lars Dam, Tim Aten, and the Meat Show for helping me.”

Favorite memory from the weekend: “Any time I can ninjitsu a Ninja of the New Moon.”

Tommy Harding







Twitter: @xxyztommy

Twitch: xxyzmtg

Age: 22

Hometown: Earth

Occupation: Student

Previous Magic accomplishments: Won an MCQ last month, 12-3 Grand Prix Bologna, 9th TCGPlayer Invitational

Sealed deck: Blue-Black Rares, 6-1 (2 byes)

Draft one: Red-Black Sacrifice, 3-0

Draft two: Blue-Black Ninjas, 2-0-1

Favorite Modern Horizons draft strategy: “Black creatures”

Favorite memory from the weekend: “Cabal Therapis blind naming Thundering Herd and taking two cards out of a mull to five.”

Bolun Zhang







Twitter: @Bolun99

Twitch: ChandraNalar

Age: 24

Hometown: China

Occupation: Student

Previous Magic accomplishments: 3 Grand Prix Top 8 finishes

Sealed deck: Aggro Green-White, 9-0

Draft one: Red-White Slivers, 3-0

Draft two: Green-White double Good-Fortune Unicorn, 1-2

Favorite Modern Horizons draft strategy: “I’m willing to draft the most open color, if not any I prefer green. The common cards are insanely strong.”

Favorite memory from the weekend: “Beat my friends twice. I’ll try my best in the final games with his blessing.”

Yoshihiko Ikawa








Twitter: @wanderingones

Age: 33

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: Pro Player

Previous Magic accomplishments: Finals of Mythic Championship I

Sealed deck: Blue-Black Ninjas, 8-1

Draft one: Blue-Black Ninjas, 3-0

Draft two: White-Black Aggro, 2-1

Favorite Modern Horizons draft strategy: “Blue-Black Ninjas. Too strong!.”

Favorite memory from the weekend: “I won the match with Umezawa’s (Charm) 2 life gain.”

Matt Sikkink Johnson







Twitter: @mtg_msj

Age: 26

Hometown: Minneapolis

Occupation: Graduate Student

Previous Magic accomplishments: Top 16 Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica; Top 8 Grand Prix Minneapolis 2017

Sealed deck: Blue-Green Trumpeting Herd, 8-1

Draft one: Red-Black Discard/Sacrifice/Go-Wide, 2-1

Draft two: Green-Black Cards, 3-0

Favorite Modern Horizons draft strategy: “Red-Black. I like all the of the different pieces of synergy that exist between the commons.”

Favorite memory from the weekend: “Going 3-0/6-0 with a deck I thought was unplayable to make Top 8 and become a Gold Pro.”

Charles Wong







Age: 29

Hometown: Seattle

Previous Magic accomplishments: “I outplayed someone so hard that they wrote an English essay about it.”

Sealed deck: Four-Color Mono-Black, 9-0

Draft one: Temur Anti-Synergy, 2-1

Draft two: Sultai Bombs, 2-1

Favorite Modern Horizons draft strategy: “Anything not white.”

Favorite memory from the weekend: “Killing Martin Goldman-Kirst with a splashed Lava Dart.”

Hunter Cochran








Age: 26

Hometown: Northwest Arkansas

Occupation: Math Instructor

Previous Magic accomplishments: 5 Grand Prix Top 8s and 7th place at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

Sealed deck: 5-Color Nonsense, 8-1

Draft one: Blue-Green splash Black Stuff, 3-0

Draft two: Red-Black Aggro, 2-1

Favorite Modern Horizons draft strategy: “Blue-Black Ninjas because the tempo is very enjoyable.”

Favorite memory from the weekend: “I loved each an every time (3) that I was obliterated by a turn 1 Hexdrinker.”

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