GP Calgary Day 2 Breakdown

Grand Prix Calgary Day 2 Metagame Breakdown


Calgary has been all about the fair side of the spectrum from what I observed yesterday watching plenty of matches and catching up with the players and talking about their experiences. There have been fewer and fewer combo decks running around, and instead players have been gravitating towards powerful linear strategies to combat the top decks.


With the help of a few judges (without whom, I’d still be digging up different decklists from players I couldn’t find) I compiled what each player on day two is playing here in Calgary. Here’s the quick breakdown of the remaining 153 players.


Deck Name Counts %of Total
Izzet Phoenix 27 17.65%
Dredge 10 6.54%
Grixis Shadow 10 6.54%
Amulet Titan 5 3.27%
Green Tron 13 8.50%
Burn 14 9.15%
GB Midrange 8 5.23%
UW Control 9 5.88%
Humans 8 5.23%
Spirits 4 2.61%
Hardened Scales 5 3.27%
Other 40 26.14%


Other contains any deck that didn’t have at least 4 copies. Among them, Dredge, Affinity, Bogles, Ad Nauseam, and Titan Shift each had a few pilots.


As expected Izzet Phoenix is still on top, but the metagame around it is changing. GB Midrange and UW control are propping up more and more as decks a variety of answers looking to fight through the variety of threats phoenix is producing while also being resilient to their Surgical Extraction game plan. Humans and Spirits have been slowly rising again after adapting and adding more ways to their deck to fight through Thing in the Ice and the shrinking numbers of Gut Shots in Izzet Phoenix.


I’ll leave the actual analysis to Tobi Henke and Frank Karsten on the matter but outside of Phoenix being so much more popular than anything else, the format looks healthy from a diversity decks perspective. We’ll have to wait for the numbers crew to come in and breakdown for us what we should expect next in the current adaptations of tackling the deck soaring above the rest.

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