ChannelFireball's Buylist Bonanza!

Sell us your cards during the Buylist Bonanza event, and you could win a Black Lotus! Until the end of June, we’re offering five giveaways each week and four grand prizes at the end to cap it all off. Of course, you’ll be getting our great prices on your cards, including a 30% bonus if you choose store credit. (CFB Pro members get a 35% store credit bonus instead!) If you’ve got cards and want to convert them to cash or store credit, now’s the time to sell them to ChannelFireball.com!

Grand Prizes

For every $10 of value in cards you sell to ChannelFireball.com until the end of June, you’ll receive one entry into our Grand Prize drawing. For example, $100 in buylist submissions would get you ten Grand Prize drawing entries! In mid-July, we’ll draw four entries from the pool to receive the following incredible Grand Prizes:

  • Unlimited Black Lotus
  • 4x Set of Shocklands
  • 1 Booster Case of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
  • 1 Booster Case of Core 2021

If you sold us cards in May before this was announced, don’t worry – we’ll add you to the pool of entries, so you’ll be eligible for the Grand Prize drawings!

Weekly Giveaways

For every $10 of value in cards you sell to ChannelFireball.com during any given week of this promotion, you’ll receive one entry into that week’s drawing. For example, $100 in buylist submissions would get you ten entries for that week!

Each week features five prizes:

  • Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition, which includes one of each enemy-color fetchland with alternate art
  • One booster box of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
  • One booster box of Masters 25
  • One booster box of Iconic Masters
  • $100 in ChannelFireball Store Credit

We’ll do separate drawings each week, so make sure you submit your buylist orders and mail us your cards quickly to get into the giveaways.

Week # Buylist Order Submitted Between Cards Received By Weekly Prize Drawing
Week 1 May 10-17 May 27th May 29th
Week 2 May 18-24 June 3rd June 5th
Week 3 May 25-31 June 10th June 12th
Week 4 June 1-7 June 17th June 19th
Week 5 June 8-14 June 24th June 26th
Week 6 June 15-21 July 1st July 3rd
Week 7 June 22-30 July 10th July 13th

In order to be eligible for the Buylist Bonanza promotion, buylist orders must be accepted by ChannelFireball and submitted and received within the outlined windows for each week, ending July 10th. Eligibility for weekly and monthly giveaway entries will be determined based on final graded cash value of buylists.

To enter ChannelFireball’s Buylist Bonanza without sending in a buylist order, mail a postcard with your hand written name, age, address, phone number, email address, and the names of at least three different cards legal in the Pioneer format whose cash buylist values on ChannelFireball total at least $10 cash to:

Attention: Buylist Bonanza
2916 Scott Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054

All entries submitted via postcard must be postmarked between 5/10/20 and 6/30/20 and received by 7/10/20.

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