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Ben Stark | 1-2

About Ben Stark | 1-2:

Widely regarded as the best Limited player in the world, Ben Stark ensures that Team ChannelFireball is uniquely prepared for the draft portion. His talents are hardly constrained to Limited, of course, as he's put up as many strong finishes in premier-level Constructed events.

Notable Finishes:

• Pro Tour Paris 2011 Champion
Pro Tour Top 8s in San Diego, Kobe 2004, and Pro Tour Gatecrash
• Grand Prix Indianapolis 2013 Champion
• Grand Prix Boston 2009 Finalist
• Grand Prix Atlanta 2011 Finalist

Martin Juza | Top 50

About Martin Juza | Top 50:

Martin is considered one of the top players in the world and a rare Limited specialist, with multiple Grand Prix Top 8s and wins to show for it. His busy travel schedule has him attending most Grands Prix worldwide, and he brings an international perspective on preparation to Team ChannelFireball.

Notable Finishes:

Pro Tour Top 8s in Berlin 2008 and Austin 2009
Finalist of Grand Prix Bangkok 2009, Brighton 2009, and Denver 2011
• 3-time Czech National Champion

• Grand Prix Portland 2010 Champion
• Grand Prix Bochum 2010 Champion
• Grand Prix Hiroshima 2011 Champion
• Grand Prix Bochum 2012 Champion

Frank Karsten | Top 50

About Frank Karsten | Top 50:

Frank Karsten has been playing Magic for 15 years, with many accomplishments to his name, including 3 Pro Tour Top 8s, 7 GP Top 8s, and 333 lifetime Pro Points. With a reputation as a mad scientist and analytic crusader, he was inducted into the Pro Tour Hall of Fame in 2009. Currently, he is a member of the European event coverage team.

Notable Finishes:

• 7 Grand Prix Top 8s
• 3 Pro Tour Top 8s: Nagoya 2005, Worlds 2005, Worlds 2008

Jacob Wilson | Top 8

About Jacob Wilson | Top 8:

The precocious Jacob Wilson is one of the best up-and-coming players from Northern California. At just 18, he's added the title of Grand Prix Chicago Champion, GP Strasbourg finalist, 4 GP Top 16s, MOCS Top 8 (Going undefeated in the swiss), and 4 Pro Tour appearances to his resumé. As a consummate MTGO ringer with an unrelenting enthusiasm for the game, he's already laid the groundwork for a potentially stellar career.

Notable Finishes:

• Grand Prix Chicago 2012 Champion

Finalist, Grand Prix Strasbourg 2013

Sam Pardee

About Sam Pardee:

Sam Pardee learned to read so that he could play Magic with his father, and has been playing competitively since Alara block. With a GP win, 2 PT appearances, a MOCS championship, and a Grand Prix finals on his résumé already, he's certain to add more to it soon.

Notable Finishes:

• Grand Prix Portland 2013 Champion

• Grand Prix Toronto 2012 Finalist

Paul Rietzl | Top 50

About Paul Rietzl | Top 50:

Paul Rietzl is a renowned master of aggressive white strategies—particularly Boros. That he is one of the best players in the world despite his demanding work schedule is a testament to his talent. Recently, he conquered the first Team GP in 7 years in San Jose alongside his friends Matt Sperling and David Williams in 2012.

Notable Finishes:

• 9 Grand Prix Top 8s, including: Anaheim 2003-04, Oakland 2003-04, Chicago 2009, Seattle-Tacoma 2012, Anaheim 2012, Portland 2013, Albuquerque 2013
• Grand Prix Mexico City 2012 Champion
• Pro Tour Amsterdam 2010 Champion
• Top 4, Pro Tour Honolulu 2009
• Pro Tour Paris 2011 Finalist

Matt Sperling

About Matt Sperling:

Matt is a frequent competitor on the Pro Tour, often at the center of controversy due to the outspoken opinions he expresses in his column. All talk aside, his accomplishments include a team win at Grand Prix San Jose, a Top 16 finish at Pro Tour San Juan, and a 2nd place finish at Grand Prix Minneapolis.

Notable Finishes:

•  GP San Jose Champion

•  Top 8, GP Minneapolis