Will Jonathan

Will Jonathan is a Sports Mental Coach from Fort Myers, Florida. He is the author of the book "Mental Mana - Mastering The Mental Game Of Magic: The Gathering", Magic's first ever mental training book for competitive Magic players. He is also the host of the Mental Mana Podcast, where he brings on some of the best players in the game, past and present, to talk about the mental side of the game and how players can improve in that area. You can find his book "Mental Mana" over on Amazon and you can check out the Mental Mana Podcast over on Soundcloud and iTunes.

How to Enjoy the Grind

When the grind gets you down, take a step back, play a casual game of Magic, and remember what drew you to this game in the first place.

A Mental Blueprint

A healthy mental state was essential to Tom Murray’s game last weekend as he cinched a seat at Pro Tour Dominaria, and can serve as a model for your next event!

Mind Games

Do mind games really matter? If so, how much? And regardless, are they somehow unsporting?

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