Travis Woo

Travis Woo is one of the premier deckbuilders in Magic. His Through the Breach/Cloudpost deck reached the Top 8 of PT Philadelphia 2011 in the hands of Jesse Hampton, while his most well-known contribution, Living End, earned him a Top 8 at Grand Prix Oakland 2010. Through Travis's stream in concert with his viewers, he continues to produce exciting decks for competitive and casual players alike, and his passion for the game pervades his work.

Woodland Bellower Combo

TWoo is hard at work brewing with Origins—for his first offering he’s got a combo brew with Woodland Bellower and Painter’s Servant!

Big Deck Arc-Slogger Brew Off

Is it always right to play 60 cards? Prove you can brew like Woo and show us when it might not be—and you could win $25 store credit!

Waste Not Storm Combo

Travis Woo offers his own take on Waste Not—a crazy Modern brew that uses Reforge the Soul to combo off for a storm kill!

Snake Tribe Brew Off

Think you can brew like Woo? Show your allegiance to the Snake tribe and prove it for your chance at $25 store credit!

Budget Mono-Black Brew Off

Think you can brew like Woo? This week’s Brew Off features a crowd favorite—mono-black control. But you have to do it with just $30.

Waste Not Brew Off Winners

Travis reviews the some crazy ways to abuse Waste Not in this week’s Brew Off, from Reforge the Soul to the best planeswalker in Magic!

Near-Death Experience

Head to the edge and peer over the side—Travis brings you his own take on Near-Death Experience.

Waste Not Brew Off

Travis Woo is back with another challenge—prove you can brew a Waste Not deck like Woo and win $25 ChannelFireball store credit!

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