Limited Resources

A weekly podcast dedicated to improving your skill at Magic: The Gathering, with an emphasis on Limited play. Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

Limited Resources podcast

Limited Resources: M21 Format Guide

Marshall and Luis dive into M21 head first and take you along for the ride in the Format Guide for the new set! The guys tell you their favorite archetypes, cards, overrated/underrated/properly rated cards, and more!

Limited Resources podcast

Limited Resources: Crack-a-Draft

On this week’s Limited Resources, Marshall and Luis dive into two Arena drafts, talking through each pick and why they made it, as well as commenting on the state of the draft format.

Limited Resources podcast

Q&A, Cube Sealed on Arena, GP Reno, and More

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis do one of their favorite types of episodes, listener Q&A! Additionally the guys cover Marshall’s GP Reno experience, Mystery Boosters Retail Edition, and Sealed Cube on Arena. 

Limited Resources podcast

Theros Beyond Death Sealed

Marshall and Luis crack some Mystery boosters for crack-a-pack and then tackle the intricacies of Theros Beyond Death Sealed Deck! Marshall is heading to GP Reno to put this knowledge into practice as well! 

Limited Resources podcast

A Conversation With Thoralf Severin

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes Mythic Championship IV winner and World Championship competitor Thoralf Severin on the show to talk about drafting, strategy, Theros Beyond Death, and of course… his now infamous Dream Trawler pick in the Worlds draft! 

Limited Resources podcast

Drafting Aggro in Theros Beyond Death

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis walk you through drafting all of the viable aggressive decks in Theros Beyond Death. Aggro is alive and well in THB Limited, but some of the decks don’t play out the way they look at face value, so listen close and get your beatdown on! 

Limited Resources podcast

How to Draft the Best Color in Theros Beyond Death

This week, Marshall and Luis teach you how to draft the best color in THB Draft, in all of the ways you can do it! On the back of its two premium removal spells, black has proven deep and capable of fitting into many styles of deck, and the guys go in depth on all of them this week on the show.

Limited Resources podcast

Throne of Eldraine Sunset Show

Marshall and Luis say goodbye to perhaps the most controversial set in recent times, Throne of Eldraine! The guys get into all the gory details on this set including the stuff they liked, and the stuff they didn’t.

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