Brian Braun-Duin

BBD started playing Magic competitively in 2012 and since then has been driven to succeed at the Professional level, increasing his efforts each year. With 4 Grand Prix Top 8s, including a finals appearance at GP Oklahoma City, and wins in both Louisville and New Jersey, his greatest strength as a player is his motivation, work ethic, and drive to succeed.

New Tools for GB

BBD swore off GB decks, but Eldritch Moon brings enough goodies for the archetype that he’s coming back around.

The GP Pitts

Deathmist Raptors, the cyclops strategy, and why you shouldn’t always trust the GPS.

The Greatwatch

BBD headed into GP Columbus ready to prove that the best deck in the format couldn’t be unseated by the new Eldrazi threat.

The Top 5 Legacy Decks

Legacy is a powerful format. To compete at GP Columbus you’ll need to be prepared to take on these 5 decks—or play one of them yourself.

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