Brainstorm Brewery

Brainstorm Brewery was founded in 2013, and the hosts Corbin Hosler, Jason Alt and DJ Johnson are all store owners with more than 30 years of combined experience between them. Every week they focus on helping listeners get the most of their collection and play the game the way they want, with a lot of fun along the way.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Whose Jumpstart Is It Anyway?

Jason, Corbin, and DJ thought that one set review wasn’t enough. So they are back to breakdown all the exciting new and return cards of Jumpstart and what you should be on the lookout for.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

The Bubble is Coming?

Jason, Corbin, and DJ might have their batteries drained by the stresses of the COVID world but Magic is here to deliver a Jump Start to all of us and help us figure out what the lack of paper magic means for you and your collection.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

You’re Out of Order!

Jason, Corbin, and DJ are a bit discombobulated with all the changes happening around magic and few false starts to the podcast and now they are letting the inmates run the asylum.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Dual Caster Mages

Jason, Corbin, and DJ have announced a very exciting giveaway for fans of Brainstorm Brewery. Then they breakdown what all the changes to Standard and companion means for Magic.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Putting the You in U-Shaped

Jason, Corbin and DJ explain why some letters are superior to others and breaking down the latest changes to all your favorite formats and the potential changes still to come.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Stimulating Surge

Jason, Corbin, and DJ talk about a new interesting trend going on as Magic Players start getting their stimulus money from the governments.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

C20 Breakdown

Jason, Corbin, and DJ are diving deep into the EDH / Commander rabbit hole this week with special guest Shivam Bhatt, a member of the Commander Advisory Group.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Just Too Much!

Jason, Corbin, and DJ, are joined by host emeritus Marcel and Ryan to save them and you from the insanity of quarantine, Ikoria, and Secret Lair.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast


Jason (@jasonEalt) Corbin (@CHosler88) and DJ (@Rose0fThorns) reached some new depths of derailment in this episode that… ummm… Welp, let’s just say the cabin fever is setting in. Enjoy!

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

The 3 Sea Shell Trick

The Corbin is riding that high of being wanted as a professor so DJ and Jason snap him back to the real world with the harsh truths of Magic.

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