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Anthony Hodgson

Anthony Hodgson

Anthony has been playing Magic since 1997. He started playing competitively around 2001, but as a South African it was difficult to get into the pro circuit. He qualified for Pro Tour Fate Reforged in 2015 and managed to make it to Day 2. Unfortunately that was the last PTQ South Africa ever had. The introduction of Arena has presented a real alternative for competitive play for Anthony as it offers an accessible way to play regularly against stronger players, as well as an objective method of assessing his progress. He's generally a very aggressive player. His strengths include having a good feel for the bigger picture inside any given game, understanding his role in it, and identifying the most efficient routes for getting opponents down to 0. His favorite format is Draft, though recently he's been neglecting it in favor of slamming Ghaltas on turn 3. Anthony's background is in teaching philosophy, and coaching DOTA 2 professionally.

Player Details:

  • Residence: Cape Town
  • Country: South Africa
  • Favorite Format: Draft
  • Pro Debut: Pro Tour Fate Reforged

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