Andrea Mengucci

Andrea Mengucci burst onto the Pro Magic scene with a Top 8 in Atlanta at Pro Tour Journey into Nyx, after a memorable undefeated run at the "King of the Hill" table starting in round 1.

Fae of Wishes in MTG Arena Best-of-1 Standard

Fae of Wishes in MTG Arena Best-of-1 Standard

Andrea’s been exploring Best-of-1 Standard for a change of pace from traditional Standard, and he’s found the format even more diverse. And what could be more entertaining in a 60-card format than a wishboard?

andrea mengucci standard sultai deck guide enter the god eternals banner

45/55 Sultai Standard Deck Guide

Everyone claims their deck is favored against the best decks in the format. Andrea has no such delusions about Sultai, but he’s got an initial build that looks promising.


Exploring EsperOne in Standard

Andrea returns to Esper Control after tinkering with the Mono-Red matchup, and he’s got a list ready to beat the U/W Control decks that are everywhere while remaining competitive with Red.

andrea mengucci crybreaker pioneer zombies

Zombies in Pioneer

With a Pioneer Players Tour right around the corner, Zombies was one of the most promising decks in his preparation. The Niv-Mizzet Reborn deck made it less of a good choice this weekend, but it might be right for your next event!

Andrea Mengucci Esper Heroless Standard

Esper Heroless – Standard

Andrea’s got high hopes for Esper in the new Standard format and he’s already hard at work looking for the best build. To start: Straight control, no Hero of Precinct One.

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