Woodland Bellower Combo

Have you heard about the new mythic Titan Woodland Bellower? New 6-power 6-drop with an awesome enters-the-battlefield ability.

Woodland Bellower

Like Primeval Titan, Woodland Bellower offers creation in accordance with imagination—it’s a brewer’s card.

I want to paint with more colors, so my attention is on the Eternal formats. What are our options?

On the surface, Woodland Bellower offers muscle comparable to Grave Titan or utility comparable to Frost Titan. A good start!

But if we go deeper, an absurd combo emerges.

Consider casting Woodland Bellower with a Painter’s Servant in play—all the colors become options.

We grab Phantasmal Image and chain Phantasmal Images all the way into a Hellraiser Goblin for a 32-point haste attack!

Painter’s Servant, Woodland Bellower > Phantasmal Image > Phantasmal Image > Phantasmal Image > Phantasmal Image > Hellraiser Goblin

I want to make this happen, but I don’t mind if it doesn’t. Painter’s Servant and Hellraiser Goblin are a bit weak, but Phantasmal Image and Woodland Bellower are good cards even on their own. Woodland Bellower is the crux to the most competitive Painter’s Servant deck we’ve yet seen in Modern.

Summoner’s Pact and Fauna Shaman search for any creature to help you set up the combo.

Simian Spirit Guide and Burning-Tree Emissary provide some fast mana. Perhaps most exciting—with Painter’s Servant in play, every extra Summoner’s Pact finds Simian Spirit Guide as you ramp toward Woodland Bellower.

If you want some more search, Tolaria West and Muddle the Mixture are good options.

Tolaria West finds Summoner’s Pact and additional support lands like Cavern of Souls to force things through.

Muddle the Mixture gets your Painter’s Servant and can play some crucial disruption.

In blue and green you have great selection in Serum Visions and Commune with Nature.

And of course fast mana sources are abundant in green as you ramp toward your prized 6-drop.

These creatures are especially important for giving Phantasmal Image something specific to do in the early game.

Modern Painter’s Bellower

My starting point for Painter’s Servant/Woodland Bellower combo is 61+ cards to fit in extra search options while hiding unsavory topdecks like Hellraiser Goblin deeper in the stack.

I see this not just as a pure combo deck, but as an aggro control deck. Painter’s Servant is fragile and we can’t expect it to live through Lightning Bolts. Woodland Bellower is great either way.

I’m excited by an additional plan C of Mystic Snake. Phantasmal Image can fly in at instant speed with the help of Alchemist’s Refuge or Aether Vial to bury the opponent in counterspells.

Metagaming With Woodland Bellower

There are an overwhelming number of options to adjust your strategy and attack the opponent’s strategy—more combos, more synergy, more value, more disruption.

Like the Amulet Bloom combo deck we can make use of Hive Mind. Quick ramp, throw down a Summoner’s Pact, and watch non-green mages squirm.

Bounce all green permanents? What if all permanents are green? Reminiscent of the classic Upheaval + Psychatog combo you can reset the board with a major lead of mana critters.

Utility creatures for days.

Of course you have access to blue countermagic to protect your own combos or transform into an individually powerful aggro-control deck.

Land destruction and permanent removal are also at your disposal. Acidic Slime is especially tempting to clone with Phantasmal Image.

Value options to try to grind through opponents.

And finally, beefy green creatures to switch it up on the opponent. Let your imagination be your guide.

Painter’s Bellower

Magic Origins spoilers are out and the set is full of amazing cards. Woodland Bellower is so far my favorite, but I’m excited to dive in deeper.

How do you feel about Woodland Bellower?

Have another favorite card in the set? What’s got you excited about Magic Origins?

[Editor’s Note: Phantasmal Image was mistakenly listed under “noncreature spells” in the deck list.]


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