What’s the Play? Abzan vs. Bant

Welcome to another scenario on What’s the Play?

As usual, I’ll present an interesting gameplay situation, and give you a day or two to figure out what you would do, after which I’ll present my line (or sometimes an even better one, if someone else finds a more optimal play).

The Situation

This scenario was sent in by Sam Pardee, noted Melira Pod expert and purveyor of fine baked goods.

You are playing Abzan Midrange and have just cast Thoughtseize. It’s still on the stack, and you have to choose from your opponent’s three-card hand. You haven’t played a land for turn yet.

Whats the play

(Click to manifest.)

What’s the Play?

Sam earned the $25 store credit for this week, I assume to spend on Viscera Seers. You can snag your own $25 at ChannelFireball.com by sending your best What’s the Play scenario to [email protected] If I feature your submission, you could become the proud owner of perhaps 2 Deceiver Exarchs, which is probably all $25 can get you by the time the next edition of What’s the Play goes live.

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