What’s the Play?

Welcome to this week’s What’s the Play?

Last time I walked through all the different decision trees involved in resolving a turn-two Anticipate against Abzan Aggro. This week, you are the Azban Aggro deck, and you have to decide how to play turn four. This is inspired by a situation Gaby Spartz ran into on her stream (which you should check out if you haven’t—it’s great).

The Deck

You are playing a list similar to Owen Turtenwald’s deck from the Standard Super League, because you saw him easily demolish all of his opponents with it:

The Situation

It’s now game 1 against what appears to be Temur Aggro. You mulliganed on the draw and went Fleecemane Lion into Anafenza while your opponent played turn-two Boon Satyr off Elvish Mystic into turn-three double Heir of the Wilds. The Anafenza got Roasted, and you traded Fleecemane for one of your opponent’s Heirs, taking a hit from the other—with the Boon Satyr and Elvish Mystic staying home the entire game so far.

The board looks like so on the start of your fourth turn main phase:


Your Opponent

• 20 life, 2 cards in hand

• Tapped: Forest, Mountain, Heir of the Wilds

• Untapped: Forest, Island, Boon Satyr, Elvish Mystic


• 17 life

• Untapped: Plains, Forest, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Your Hand

What’s the Play?

Post your answer in the comments below, or Tweet your answer @ChannelFireball.

I’ll be back on Sunday with my solution!

[Editor’s note: This article originally said “at the start of your fourth turn” instead of “at the start of your fourth turn main phase.”]


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