There’s not much you can do when the walls are closing in. Is there anything more crushing and unstoppable?

Wall power is real and Assault Formation is a massive push to give brick, mortar, steel, and ephemeral ramparts a competitive edge in a variety of formats.

While I’m excited to see what we can do with this in Standard, I’m already focusing in on the possibility in Modern as it fills out a GW Wall deck I’ve been keeping on the back burner.

Assault Formation is the final piece to give this archetype competitive legs against unfortunate opponents.

Sylvan Caryatid + Worship has been my starting point for an extremely competitive and obnoxious wall defense.

Many decks straight-up fold to this combination. Other decks lean on just a few cards to get out of it.

There are some common answers. Liliana of the Veil and Cryptic Command come to mind. But in a multitude of situations this combo is “LOL GG.”

Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian give us an absurd mana engine. Overgrown Battlement is a great card with a pedigree of tournament success—it starred as a 4-of in the Breach Post deck that Top 8’d the first Modern Pro Tour in Philadelphia.

Axebane Guardian is a bit slower and more frail, but if I could play more Overgrown Battlements I would, and Axebane Guardian gives me extra copies.

With this combination in a wall deck we can produce absurd mana, which can eventually be sunk into Assault Formation to put the walls on the offensive.

Wall of Omens and Wall of Mulch provide a light card draw touch to speed through our deck. Wall of Omens as a 4/4 that draws a card is comically overpowered, but in this deck that’s what it will be at times.

Quick spotlight on Tree of Redemption + Gavony Township (which I may or may not use, but the possibility is exciting).

Say your Tree of Redemption has 5 counters on it. At full life, you can swap it to a 25 toughness creature, swap your life to 25, swap the Tree to 30, swap your life to 30, and so on.

Tree of Redemption can gain you a lot of life and the butt on this thing is immense. It’s an enticing finisher in combination with Assault Formation.

Spellskite is an honorary wall. The card is a brutal hoser for certain archetypes and can help protect your Worship lock. It also protects Assault Formation and does a nice job on the beatdown.

Spellskite is at its absolute best here, and maindecking 4 will win a lot of games.

As my mana sink I have everybody’s favorite, Genesis Wave. With the wall mana ramp engine you can produce ludicrous amounts of mana. Genesis Wave can set up a Worship Lock, find Assault Formation, or set up your card draw engine to start churning through your deck.

Genesis Wave Wall Assault sounds like a fun way to go, and the best part is that it will win.

That brings me to the starting 75 for Modern Wall Assault.

Modern Wall Assault

I have no doubt that this will make for a fun video series in the future and I’m excited for the possibilities. I’m also interested to see how to best use this in Standard.

I’m curious what you think—Bant Wall Assault, Sultai Wall Assault, Naya Wall Assault, or something entirely different?

The options are grand and walls are guaranteed to move into the red zone. How are you going to turn your walls sideways?