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Magic’s 25th Anniversary

A visual summation of 25 years of Magic.

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Intro to Pauper Finance

A huge part of Pauper’s appeal is that it’s affordable, but with the red-hot format rising fast, you’ll want a quick handle on the finances of the format if you’re going to buy in.

Penny Dreadful – The Best Format You Are Not Playing

Speaking of popular new formats, here’s a spicy new one you might not have heard of.

Jeskai Ascendancy Combo in Modern

Back when Treasure Cruise and Gitaxian Probe were legal, Jeskai Ascendancy was one of the most dangerous looking cards in Modern. It might still have some life, and Jeff Hoogland investigates at Gathering Magic.

The 10 Strongest Things to Do in Modern

Modern has often been described as a format of linear decks simply seeking to execute their game plan better than the opponent. If that’s the case, you want to be doing something powerful. Craig Wescoe at TCGPlayer ranks the 10 best.

Modern Musings: The Blood Sun Rises

Michael Shapiro at TheManaBase writes about how Blood Sun compares to Blood Moon.


Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Player to Watch: Yam Wing Chun

Get to know one of the most remarkable players on the Pro Tour heading into Rivals of Ixalan!

Rivals of Ixalan Draft | Channel BenS

Draft alongside the best in the world as Ben Stark shows you the ropes of the new Limited format!

Vintage Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Jump into another Powered Cube Draft with LSV!

Modern Is Practically Perfect. That’s Exactly Why it Shouldn’t Be a Pro Tour Format.

Don’t put Modern in the hands of people whose job it is to break it.

Why Grixis Delver is a Great “Best Deck” for Legacy

It has all the hallmarks of a deck that people love to beat and play against.

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