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Taking Action on Harassment and Bullying

A topic of considerable discussion over the past week, many of us were waiting on WotC to weigh in. Elaine Chase covers what WotC is doing to combat bullying in Magic.

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The Magic Market Index for Nov 24, 2017

Get a look at the trends in the Magic market at a glance with Teia Rabishu’s piece at MTG Salvation. It shows the price increases and decreases of every Standard relevant card over the last week.

MTG Breakdown Rewind – Randy Buehler at Pro Tour Chicago 1997

Marshall Sutcliffe is producing some of the coolest new Magic content out there, and if you haven’t seen one of these Rewinds yet, this is the one you have to start with. He walks through a match Randy Buehler played 20—yes, 20—years ago with Randy himself, which carried him to an eventual victory at PT Chicago.

The Pros’ Open Letter: A Case Study in Allies Missing the Point

Matt Sperling at Sperling Grove argues that the MTG Pro Letter needs to name names.

Magic: The Gathering Cosplayer Quits Over Harassment, Forcing Wizards to Speak Up

Confused about the story in the news section above? You might have been out of the loop last week. Julia Alexander at Polygon has the story and summarizes the events that eventually led to Christine Sprankle’s statement that she would be quitting cosplay.

In Response: What We Owe To Each Other

In a moving reaction to the controversy of the week as both a friend of Christine Sprankle and a content producer who has experienced cyberbullying as well, The Professor at Tolarian Community College makes a compelling plea for decency.


Getting Ready for Team Unified Modern

Get ready for one of Magic’s trickier formats and Grand Prix Madrid with a little help from Andrea Mengucci!

An Open Letter to the Magic Community

A collection of Professional Magic Players pen an open letter rejecting harassment and bullying in the Magic community.

Introducing the Old-School Battle Box

This Battle Box brings back the nostalgic days of old-school Magic.

Cycling Through Standard

Corey cycled his way to a Top 16 finish in Portland, and today he gives you the keys to unlock the archetype from gameplay to sideboard!

Channel Nassif – Standard Esper Approach

Watch the control master himself, Gabriel Nassif, pilot Standard’s sweetest control deck!

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