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Taking Black-Green Constrictor to Platinum at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation

While Ramunap Red ran over the field at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, Green-Black had a more subtly strong performance. Steve Rubin managed to snag Platinum thanks to the Snake, and he walks you through the testing that helped him arrive at G/B over at TCGPlayer.

Black-Red Aggro in Standard

Black aggro is good. Red aggro is good. Why not play black-red? Terry Soh at MTG Mint Card looks at the options.

Getting Value in Modern and Legacy

Standard might be an aggro playground, but there are plenty of ways to grind out card advantage in Modern and Legacy. Kyle Boggemes runs through the options with a look at Modern U/W Control, Jeskai Flash, and Company, and Legacy BUG and 4C Control.

Is This Really How PPTQs Should Be Run? – Diary Of An MTG Grinder

It’s certainly harder to qualify for the Pro Tour than it was when I was grinding PTQs, but even setting that issue aside, PPTQs could use some improvements: time management, space, comfort—Graeme Mclntyre provides his recommendations over at ManaLeak.

What We Can Learn From the Pauper Ban List

The ban list can teach you a lot about the recurring problem areas of a format. Steve Jeltz at PureMTGO looks at what each round of bans has meant for and said about Pauper.


Commander 2017 Full Set Review

Rachel’s here to offer her verdict on every new card in Commander 2017, along with her picks for the best cards in each color!

What’s the Pick? Hour of Devastation Pack 1 Pick 1 with BenS

Think you can draft like the best in the world? Try your skills against Limited master Ben Stark!

Channel Mengucci: Legacy Sultai NO

Time to reintroduce people to the progenitor of broken enormous creatures.

Channel LSV: Hour of Devastation Draft #3

Follow along with LSV as he guides you through each pick and every match of an Hour of Devastation Draft!

What’s the Play?

Think you can find the right line? PV brings you 5 gameplay situations to find out if you’d make the same play as a Hall-of-Famer!

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