2018’s Pro Tours and 2017’s Worlds

There were some big announcements about the Pro Tour next year, the biggest of which concerned Team Trios Constructed at the 25th Anniversary Pro Tour. With it comes the return of Modern to the big stage, and for the first time ever, Legacy.

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Wizards Data Insanity

A week ago, Wizards announced that it would be scaling back the amount of data it publishes about winning Magic Online deck lists. Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish argues that the change will increase the edge of those with the most advantages already—and that some of the best formats we’ve seen gave us plenty of data.

At Age 6, Magic Pro Dana Fisher is Already Making Noise at Key Magic Tournaments

We covered Dana’s feature match in round 1 of the Modern event at Grand Prix Vegas, where she pulled off a convincing victory playing Elves. Now she’s really hit the big time as she upgrades from coverage to Mashable, where Adam Rosenburg covers her early and already promising tournament career.

Hidden Strings

One of the sharper criticisms of the recent MTGO data embargo has been its effect on older, non-rotating formats. Pauper expert Alex Ullman weighs in at Gathering Magic.

Holistic Wisdom: Top 7 Cards in Standard from HOU

You know how we like rankings, and this new set has shown that it might have more to offer Standard than we first thought. Freyalise at MTG Mint Card counts down the most promising options from Hour of Devastation.

How to Attack Standard

Seth Manfield’s got the most comprehensive look at the new format I’ve seen so far over at TCGPlayer, and how to creates an interesting dilemma for deck builders: how do you prepare your deck for the two extremes of U/W Monument and control? There’s no one better equipped to answer that question than a world champion.


Channel LSV: Modern Jund Gods

Amonkhet brings a boost to Modern’s traditional G/B midrange archetype with its Gods!

A Pick Order List for Hour of Devastation

Get the leg up on your competition in Hour of Devastation Draft as Frank Karsten breaks down his pick order from best mythic to worst card!

The MTGO Data Embargo

TBS fills in for Mashi to talk Hour of Devastation Limited and Constructed, MTGO data, and Iconic Masters with Frank Lepore!

Tiny Edge #4: Never Cast your Removal Spell Before They Pass Priority in Combat

Don’t give away free information to your opponent.

Standard: Do What You Want To

The week 1 results of Hour of Devastation are in, and they’re very promising.

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