June 13, 2017 Banned and Restricted Announcement

In a somehow still surprising move, Standard was subject to yet another major banning to once again balance the format. As Aaron Forsythe explains, while their data indicated that Marvel was not a particularly oppressive best deck, it was depressing tournament attendance. And, in the end, that’s the only balancing that matters.

Pro Tour Hall of Fame Updates Plus RPTQ Decks

The Hall of Fame became an even more exclusive club this week as the voting rules have changed to set the bar for induction even higher.

Metamorphosis 2.0

Remember how sweet triple Khans of Tarkir, triple Rise of the Eldrazi, and triple Innistrad were to draft? Apparently, so does Wizards. Mark Rosewater explains the move to all single-set blocks, and the return of core sets.

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What Is MTG Quadrant Theory, And What Do You Do When It Doesn’t Work?

How much has WotC’s evolving approach to Limited design changed the way we should evaluate cards? George Miles takes a look at Brian Wong’s Quadrant Theory, and how it isn’t as well equipped to address these new Draft environments as well as it once was.

Standing Ground

If you like playing white aggro, there aren’t many friendly formats for you (unless you’re Craig Wescoe). But in Pauper, it’s a paradise for the lover of Plain old beatdown. Alex Ullman takes a look at the wide range of options in the format.

This Week in Legacy: May Statistics, More GP Vegas Prep, and an Interview with the Australian Legacy Champ

GP Vegas already kicked off, but Sean Brown’s Legacy analysis is intriguing as ever at MTGOGoldfish.

Modern Tiered List Weekly Update for 6/12/17

Speaking of GP Vegas, I’m watching some Modern coverage from inside the coverage booth at this very moment. Check out how Ashockfan’s tier list at TappedOut compares to the results of the event so far!

Goodbye, Aetherworks Marvel!

Seth Manfield offers his take on the ban, and the future of Standard.


Moon Stompy

If you’re new to Legacy, this mono-red prison deck is the perfect choice for Grand Prix Vegas.

Channel Reid: Legacy Elves

With Miracles out of the picture, Elves is perfectly situated to dominate at Grand Prix Vegas.

Channel Cheon: 2000’s Throwback Gauntlet: Psychatog

Head back to Standard from the turn of the millenia as Paul Cheon heads into a League with the infamous blue-black monster from Odyssey.

Team Limited Changed My Life

Your interest in the game may wax and wane, but its the people you play with that keep you playing.

Every Draft Format Will Be a Single Set Environment. That’s Great News.

The greatest Draft formats in history have been single-set environments. Now we get to enjoy them every time.

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