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This Week in Legacy: 05/21/17 Legacy Challenge, SCG Louisville and an Unexpected Appearance

Playing the Legacy event at Grand Prix Las Vegas? Make sure you have the latest snapshot of the metagame. MTGGoldfish is the most reliable outlet for that kind of analysis, and you’ll want Sean Brown’s latest briefing at the ready.

Mono-Black Zombies Matchup Guide

The metagame has adjusted for Zombies, but knowing the deck and matchups inside and out will still get you through tough games. Zen Takahashi at MTGMintCard covers how to play Mono-Block Zombies against each of Standard’s major players.

Unlocked: The Watchtower

Travis Allen of MTGPrice covers a few cards he expects to go up in value.

A New Control Deck to Tackle Standard

White-Black was the go-to choice for control just a few formats back, and it’s still got some appeal. Raphael Levy has a build he thinks can compete in the new Standard.

Being Transgender and Playing Magic: the Gathering: An Interview with Emma Handy, by Jason Coles, and Katie Roberts

At the risk of blowing up my comment section again, I’m going to double down on my apparently controversial statement that we should all work to make Magic a more inclusive game. Jason Coles and Katie Roberts interview Emma Handy on her experiences in Magic. Check it out.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Top 8 Buffoon Cards

Some cards just have a knack for making players look foolish. LSV ranks the 8 most striking examples.

Temur Marvel at Pro Tour Amonkhet

PV walks you through the process that lead him to play Temur Marvel at the PT, and his updated deck list going forward!

An Introduction to Competitive 1v1 EDH: Ready, Set, Grind!

EDH comes to Magic Online in the form of 1v1 Commander. Learn the ropes from streamer and VSL competitor Rachel Agnes!

Top 8 Tribal Decks

Mashi and EFro count down the 8 greatest tribal decks in Magic history!

Team CFB Meeting: Mythics and Rares

Be a fly on the wall as CFB Fire discussed their evaluations of the rares and Mythics of Amonkhet Draft heading into Nashville!

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