Ixalan, Worlds, Pro Tour, Nationals, AND RPTQS

Helene Bergeot covered a ton of changes to Organized Play for the remainder of 2017. Here’s the overview:

  • “The fall set is named Ixalan, and will be releasing on September 29, 2017. It will be legal for the 2017 World Championship’s Standard and Limited play. Pro Tour Ixalan is November 3–5, 2017. This also means that Grand Prix Providence and Shizuoka will both be Team Sealed GPs as part of the release weekend.
  • 2017’s Nationals will take place September 9–10, September 16–17, and October 14–15; they will be a split of Standard and Booster Draft, and Pro Points will be awarded at them.
  • Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers will have entry fees, will increase from 32 events to 37, and will award invitations via a scaling system based on attendance, all starting with the round that feeds Pro Tour Ixalan in November.
  • We are reverting the Pro Tour Top 8 bracket back to traditional single-elimination and are adjusting the Pro Tour prize money and Pro Point payout to Top 8 players starting with Pro Tour Amonkhet.”

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