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March 13th Banned and Restricted Announcement

No news was big news this week. Most of us expected Wizards to do something about Saheeli combo in Standard, but in a move that made it clear there is new “New World Order” for bans, they left the format untouched, for the time being.

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Wizards Can’t Ban Away Standard’s Problems (But They’ll Probably Try)

Well, the parenthetical fell apart, but SaffronOlive’s thoughtful examination of the problems with Standard identify a deeper issue with the format—and a reminder that bannings don’t typically alleceviate the situation, they just give rise to new ones.

MTG – A Review of John Avon Land Sleeves by Ultra Pro

I’m a big fan of the Unhinged basic lands—my Cube once sported 30+ foil copies of each—and there’s nothing quite like holding an opening hand with those babies staring back at you. Now you can experience the same joy with your face-down cards! But how do the sleeves hold up? The Professor at Tolarian Academy has a review.

Kaladesh Block Flavor Awards Spectacular

When BenS has to recuse himself rom flavor judge rulings, the Two Jesses at MTGO Academy are ready to step in. We’ve written plenty about the gameplay side of the cards here at ChannelFireball, but if you’re looking for a change of pace, they’ve got a complete analysis of the flavor of Kaladesh block.

How Mardu Vehicles Stays on Top

Why can’t you just build your deck to beat Vehicles? Everything has a weakness, right? Terry Soh at MTG Mint Card breaks down how Mardu Vehicles keeps on winning despite the enormous target on its back.

The “Third” Decks in Standard

In the same vein, Adam Koska at Blackboarder tries to figure out what can take down Standard’s top 2 decks, Mardu and 4c Saheeli.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

How to Fix Standard

Don’t be afraid to print “un-fun” cards.

Remembering Mike Goodman

ChannelFireball has been and always will be a family company. At Grand Prix New Jersey, we lost a member of that family as we were setting up for the event.

Channel PV—Modern Faeries

Watch as PV pilots his favorite deck of all time, Faeries, reinvigorated by a few new key printings!

Can You Win This Turn?

Frank’s got a few brain-teasing puzzles—can you figure out how to end the game in one turn?

No Ban’s Sky

This is it, folks! Aether Revolt Standard is solved, and you should be playing one of two decks until Amonkhet.

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