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ChannelFireball Events Exclusive Global Partnership for Grand Prix

“As our goal is to increase the consistency and quality of the player experience at Grand Prix events globally, last year we invited various companies to submit proposals on delivering high-quality Grand Prix in various regions across the world.

The outcome of this process is that, starting in 2018, ChannelFireball Events (CFBE) will be Wizards of the Coast’s exclusive global partner to run all Grand Prix. CFBE is a company newly formed by ChannelFireball and Siteline Productions. ChannelFireball probably doesn’t need much of an introduction—they have provided Magic content, hosted successful Grand Prix, and brought their own brand of event coverage to Magic streaming.”

Magic Online World Championship

Wrapter’s suddenly on a hell of a heater, following up his win at GP Vancouver by taking down another tournament with his version of Mardu Vehicles.

From Around the Web

Magic’ Player Takes to Twitter to Congratulate the Other Reid Duke on Signing with Vegas

The funniest story of the week belongs to a hockey player who I’m sure was shocked to find out that he shares a name with one of Magic’s biggest stars.

This Week in Legacy: February Statistics and an Interview with Ethan Gaieski

Get a complete overview of the state of Legacy from Sean Brown at MTGO Goldfish. From metagame analysis to lists aplenty, there’s a treasure trove of information to get you prepped for your next Eternal event.

City of Aspiration and City of Industry

When I was 7, I sent my design for a card to Wizards. It was the kind of 7-drop only LSV could love, but that has only helped me to appreciate those with a better sense of subtlety. Jay Treat at Goblin Artisans has two lands that caught my eye.

Introducing 4-Color Tower

Temur Tower? More like Timid Tower. Pack 4 colors with Raphael Levy’s version of the Dynavolt-Tower-powered control deck over at TCGPlayer.

Path to Victory

We all need a refresher on the fundamentals from time to time. Jaroslava Stefankova at PureMTGO gives you a handy list of simple changes you can make to win your next tournament.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Analyzing 150 Card Modern Scapeshift

Why would you ever run more than 60 cards? Turns out, there might be a few compelling reasons. Frank runs the numbers.


Aside from this being the second time I goofed on the URL of one of these articles, this was a sweet one for everyone else. PV cemented his name further in Magic history at Pro Tour Aether Revolt. Follow his journey with Team CFB Ice from start to finish.

The Aether Revolt Draft Guide

I was waiting pretty impatiently for this one, because lord knows I need the help. Now you too can get the definitive guide to Aether Revolt Draft from Limited mastermind Ben Stark!

Magic TV: Top 8 Two-Mana Counterspells

Mashi and Frank Lepore rank the 8 greatest two-mana counterspells of all time!

Watching the MOCS was Better than Watching a Live Event

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