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PT AER Report – Champion. Part 1, the Cards.

The confusingly named Lucas Esper Berthoud took down the grand prize in Dublin at Pro Tour Aether Revolt playing Mardu Vehicles. He wrote up an in-depth overview of the list he played in a post on Reddit, from testing through the event itself.

4 Problems Every Magic: the Gathering Team Will Experience

The hands-down surest way to level up your game in Magic is to join a playtesting team. If you’ve tried to follow that advice, you know that it’s easier said than done. The obstacles to forming a team are rarely covered, but at Mana Leak, Graeme Mclnytre documents the biggest ones, and how to avoid them.

The Rise of Mardu Vehicles

Get some insight into the best deck in the format from one of the best players in the history of the game as Ralphael Levy talks Mardu Vehicles’ matchups with Jeskai Saheeli and B/G, and his updated list for the new metagame.

U/W Control Archetype Breakdown

I’ve thought a few times about writing Draft guides for Cube, but it’s tough to get your hands around when every Cube list differs. Nick Nobody at MTG Cube takes a stab at it with a point system applied to the quintessential tools for one of the defining archetypes of Magic.

Why Bad Cards Are So Good (For the Game)

In the wake of three big bannings, it’s good to refresh your appreciation for bad cards and what they do for Magic. Crazyaboutmtg has a brief blog post on the topic.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Jund Energy Aggro Deck Guide

There was really only one “new” deck in the Top 8 of Pro Tour Aether Revolt, piloted by Team CFB Fire’s Martin Juza. Get a full primer on this aggro deck with Greenbelt Rampager, Voltaic Brawler, and Longtusk Cub from the man himself!

Mardu Vehicles Deck Guide

Or, maybe you just want to play the most reliable deck around. If you want to play the best deck from Pro Tour Aether Revolt, Frank Karsten has you covered.

Magic Digital Next: The New MTGO?

If you’ve been paying a little attention to goings-on at Wizards investor meetings, you’ve heard rumors about a possible new MTGO client in the works. If you haven’t been paying attention to that minutiae, then Twitter personality Mishra’s Photoshop has a quick overview to get you up to speed—along with his very educated guess as to what it might look like.

Paul Cheon’s Pro Tour Aether Revolt Vlog

A fan favorite after every Pro Tour, Paul Cheon’s Pro Tour Aether Revolt Vlog offers a more action-packed edit this time around. Check it out if you’ve got 30 minutes to spare!

The Deck I Didn’t Play: U/B Control

The ubiquity of Saheeli kept CFB Fire’s Corey Burkhart from playing U/B at PT AER, but he has an updated list for the new metagame!

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