Flashback Favorites and Throwback Standard Gauntlets

When I came back to Magic after a long hiatus I’d wistfully read Michael Flores articles about Standard decks that broke the format and redefined the game. If you’ve ever wanted a chance to experience these decks, now’s your chance. Lee Sharp unveils the Throwback Standard Gauntlet.

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A Deck, a Brain, and a Friend

Matt Sperling once decried the influence of planeswalkers on Constructed Magic. That was about the card type and gameplay—James Vogel at Bad Advice and Dune Quotes had a different problem with planeswalkers: the way they affect the story and flavor experience of playing Magic.

I Assumed that My Opponent Had Given Up

Graeme Mclntyre at Mana Leak takes a close look at a recent misplay—and reflects on the best way to learn from a mistake and move on.

Potential Standard Bannings

Most agree that Standard doesn’t seem like a healthy format. It’s unlikely that we’d see a Standard banning again any time soon, but consider what the format might look like without some of the most troublesome cards. Andrew Jessup at Gathering Magic looks at the candidates.

My Top Four “Top Threes

I can’t resist a good ranking, and this is a ranking of a ranking. Adam Koska at Blackboarder covers his Top 3s from 2016.

The Secret of Aether Revolt

Saffron Olive’s preview card article at MTGGoldfish has a spicy brew for Modern and Commander with Secret Salvage.

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Aether Revolt Preview Card: Baral Chief of Compliance

LSV unveils a legendary 2-drop from Aether Revolt that should power up plenty of spell decks!

8 Biases That Are Making You Worse at Magic

The only way to eliminate a cognitive bias is to be aware of it. PV shows you 8 that are hurting your game right now.

What Was the Best Standard Format?

Last week Josh asked what makes a “good” Standard format. Today he examines the question with a look back at one of the best examples.

The Brew Frontier

I asked for Frontier content, and Joel Larsson came through with not one but two new brews for the format.

Aether Revolt’s Fatal Push Will Radically Change Constructed

I knew this card was good, but I didn’t know how much it meant for Modern until PV sent in this article. Is this card enough to change how we think of Jund and Abzan?

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