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GP Madrid

The ascension of Green-Red Marvel is complete. 22-year-old Carmine D’Aniello from Italy took down Grand Prix Madrid, defeating Nicolas Legendre’s Black-Red Aggro to grab the trophy.

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Jaberwocki on Twitch

Want to learn a little more about G/R Marvel? You can watch master of the deck Jaberwocki (Logan Nettles) break down R/G Aetherworks card by card on Twitch.

Old School Magic: Chapter 7 – New Strategies for the Old School: Blue-Red Aggro Control

Steve Menendian at Vintage Magic shows you how to play aggro-control in Old School with his U/R Fish deck.

Magic History: King of the Fatties

Check out this interview with the original guru of green beatdown, Jamie Wakefield.

Tokyo Snow Drift

Ben Friedman takes you on a hilarious tour of Standard and Modern, with the brews he’s got cooked up for each format.

5 Reasons Why Rare Redrafts Are Terrible for Magic

I’d never actually seen this in practice, but have heard people mention rare redrafts as prize. Thomas Ralph at Mana Leak makes a strong argument for doing away with them.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

When to Play Around Sweepers with Aggro Decks

Knowing when to hold back in the face of a sweeper is one of Magic’s fundamental skills. Frank has a rule of thumb to guide your decisions.

Draw-Go for Denver

Looking for a way to take on Delirium and Flash? Josh Silvestri explains why Gearhulk is the best answer available.

6 Questions about Modern from the Magic World Cup

Is U/R Thing in the Ice for real? Is Ravenous Trap an underplayed sideboard card? Or are both just a function of an unusual format? PVDDR investigates.

R/W Dwarves in Today’s Standard

Master R/W Dwarves with the expert advice of Reid Duke.

Channel LSV: U/R Bedlam Pyro

Who needs Delver? Not LSV. This U/R deck is packed with sweet value creatures and spells!

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